Welcome To Tshetshibo Trading
Tshetshibo Trading is an infrastructure development based organisation that was formed in 2008, when the need to form such an entity became to realisation by an inspired individual who has enormous experience and interest within the electrical engineering business.

The formation of this unique entity was stirred by a call for merit in terms of Electrical projects and Infrastructure development
Our Mission >>>>
To assist our clients in making their business endeavors an absolute success through the implementation of customer
Social Responsibility
» We have established a sustainable and effective CSI model that seeks to address key social imperatives.
The CSI model furthermore seeks to indicate the company’s commitment in
within the community we serve, everything started with a sufficient range of passion and inspired ideas of skill.
Tshetshibo Trading aims to be noticed as pioneers of vivid engineering solutions and architects of world class infrastructure in South Africa and Africa at large, and we truly understand that for us to achieve such an objective a lot needs to be invested. Hence our drive to never rest until we are leaders in provision of quality service remains to be the main vehicle in our DNA of affluent service delivery.
The founding member of this great organisation has previously worked with Eskom for a period of eleven years and has a rich heritage of pushing the envelope and setting impeccable standards for others to follow. Therefore, our experience is of paramount importance to this industry and we strictly understand that in order to execute a project successfully, the  environmental impact of the job need to be taken into serious consideration, amongst others the work scheduling and planning, correct budgeting, site  safety, availability of material on site shouldn’t be of  inconvenience to the general public
focused quality service that utilize sound technology infrastructure
Our Vision >>>>
» To be leaders in provision of quality service
» "Looking beyond the usual solutions"
Brand Expression >>>>
Core Values >>>>
» Passion
» Dedication
» Innovation
» Supreme Customer Service
Strategic Objectives
Our strategic objectives have been developed to provide confidence to our Community, Clients, Government, Media, and to the public at large that Tshetshibo Trading is competent:
» To provide credible, accountable Products and Services 
» To supply autonomous and diplomatic Products and Services
» To generate profit
» To grow at challenging rate
» Effective use of available resources
» Transfer of skills through training
» To retail Products and Services those are examined for quality standards
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