About Tshetshibo Trading
Tshetshibo Trading is a company which aims at focusing on issues such as sustainability and growth, we stand firm on grounds to offer services which are addressing tomorrow’s Infrastructure developmental needs today, so that we can have acontent community of clients. Our products and services create a framework, in which our value is determined; Tshetshibo Trading houses best products and services of the 21st century and beyond.

Tshetshibo Trading is a well-structured company, which aims at investing more in sustainability, innovation and growth. Hence it is quite a fact that your alliance with this structure will be sanctified with translucent results on excellence and innovation. Above par greatness in sustainable business is what we at Tshetshibo Trading hope to achieve, it is through such value-add that our web of trade turns to understand and trust that Tshetshibo Trading is here to look beyond the usual solutions
Our Mission >>>>
To assist our clients in making their business endeavors an absolute success through the implementation of customer
focused quality service that utilize sound technology infrastructure
Our Vision >>>>
» To be leaders in provision of quality service
» "Looking beyond the usual solutions"
Brand Expression >>>>
Core Values >>>>
» Passion
» Dedication
» Innovation
» Supreme Customer Service
What Makes us Different?
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Technical Expertise
We proud ourselves for investing in upgrading the modern engineering solutions by giving value the use of innovation, knowledge, and our intellectual capital. Tshetshibo Trading will remain to provide manageable and reliable skills to its web of clients and projects it executes. The mechanism we use will ensure us a state or position in which we are noted as pioneers of legitimate and stupendous sound technology and infrastructure in our environment of trade. Through our technical skill we will be able to deliver sustainable solutions to our customers according to their needs.
We realise that you can only build up long term relationship with clients by giving a quality service at all times. We believe that we will achieve this through:
» Commitment of management to quality control
» Improved supervision of work done
» Make sure that the workers are properly trained
» Not chase sales at the expense of quality
» Continually educate employees about the importance of giving quality service
» Adopt right first time attitude towards services rendered
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