Social Responsibilities
Tshetshibo Trading’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programme is a deliberate, focused, coherent and progressive programme that is: >>>>
» Well structured
» Clear on focus areas
» equally beneficial
» aligned to the core business
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We have established a sustainable and effective CSI model that seeks to address key social imperatives. The CSI model furthermore seeks to indicate the company’s commitment in terms of improving conditions in communities in which it conducts its business in and other areas in which it currently has operations taking place, our intention is to ensure that the CSI model is aligned with the company’s core values, South Africa’s Millennium Development Goals, good governance as per King III Report and the principle of Ubuntu.

Ensuring that forming a long-term engagement model with communities, remains at the nucleus of the CSI model and highlighting how the company’s overall existence serves a greater purpose to society. Our primary focus will be on devising a holistic and coherent approach in introducing meaningful CSI initiatives that will drive the company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen and reinforce the brand.
Clients: >>>>
» Provincial Department of Public Works
» National Department of Public Works
» Tswaing Local Municipality
» Mahikeng Local Municipality
» Matlosana Local Municipality
Key Focus Area: >>>>
» Education
» Social and community development
The following are commonly shared objectives of Tshetshibo Trading  CSI programme:
» To upsurge customer generosity and faithfulness through the strategic positioning of Tshetshibo Trading  as a caring and responsible corporate citizen within the engineering industry
» Improve Tshetshibo Trading’s  involvement in employees’ communities
» Enrich the company image and reputation both internally and externally
» Create constructive impact on the communities we serve through our corporate social investment
Objectives of the Tshetshibo Trading CSI Programme
CSI Programme and Activities
Community Involvement
Philanthropic Endowments
The Adopt-A-Schools programme aims to identify schools in need within the community and getting involved in terms of improving these schools. We believe it to be a societal duty to assist in creating a conducive learning and teaching environment in state-funded schools and pre-schools in disadvantaged areas such as peri-urban and rural areas.
Our employee community involvement and general community involvement initiatives aim to connect with communities as a significant segment of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, focusing primarily on establishing a personalized relationship with communities. Our focus will be on engaging employees through community involvement, charitable giving and volunteering.
The company through its commitment to South Africa’s social transformation agenda will commit itself annually to financially assisting Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) that are in line with our CSI scope in the form of donations.
» Donation of ICT infrastructure.
» Repairing dilapidated structures.
» Donation of school uniform and utilities.
» Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)
» Winter Warmers Blanket Drive
» Nelson Mandela Day
» World Aids Day
» Donations
Three-Tier Strategy
Focusing on a holistic and authentic approach in terms of our community involvement efforts.
» Community Involvement
Ensuring measurable and sustainable impact
» Impact
Ensuring overall sustainability of projects and activities
» Sustainability
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